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RECEPTIVO Programas Cortos Clases de cocina en Lima

Clases de cocina en Lima

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Skykitchen Peruvian Cooking Class in Lima

Situated in the centre of Lima's Miraflores District, SkyKitchen offers you a unique three-hour experience. We show you how to cook your own Peruvian food. Enjoy your self-prepared dishes while having a conversation with your fellow participants and us.

The concept:

The concept for SkyKitchen is to instruct you in the trained preparation of typical Peruvian dishes in the home of a local Peruvian with an unmatched view over Lima. Our Chefs Yurac, Sonia and Christian, open their home to you so and make this cooking class a personal and private experience. This is a hands-on class. You will be guided through the preparation of all the courses of a meal, allowing you to prepare an authentic Peruvian meal from scratch. You will prepare classic Peruvian cuisine with tools you can find in your own kitchen using the freshest ingredients that you can find in the plentiful markets of Lima. You will leave with detailed instructions and recipes for recreating the meal when you return home. Surely an experience you won't soon forget.

Optional Add-ons to our cooking classes:

Market tour

Before our cooking classes, we offer Market tours and show you where we get our ingredients. We give a lot of background information and explain how they are used. The market tour includes the following fruit tasting that can also be booked separately: Peruvian Cooking Classes in Lima SkyKitchen

Fruit tasting

We offer fruit tastings of around 35 different fruits, all grown in Peru. It takes place right before our cooking classes. Many of these fruits are not well known outside of Peru. You taste different banana varieties, cactus fruits, citrus fruits, and Amazonian fruits among many others.

Cooking classes:

In one class we will prepare a 3 or 4 course meal. We offer 4 different meals, however, we can only prepare one meal in one class.

Upon request we can also do vegetarian, vegan, gluten-free, nut-free, lactose-free or dairy-free versions for some of the meals for people with food restrictions. You find further information to each meal on our website (

Standard Lunch meal

3 course meal with typical Peruvian dishes: Papa a la Huancaína, Ceviche, Ají de Gallina Peruvian

Classics meal

 4 course meal with the most popular dishes: Causa, Ceviche, Lomo Saltado, Picarones

Andean Food with Quinoa

Meal around dishes from the Andes with quinoa, alpaca meat, and more: Ocopa, Chupe con Quinoa, Rocoto relleno con Guiso de quinoa, mousse de lucuma

Seafood meal

Class with fish and shellfish dishes: Causitas stuffed with Octopus, Shrimps, and Pejerrey-fish with onion salsa; 3 variations of tiradito, escabeche de pescado

Regular time schedule

09:00am - 10:10am Market tour

10:10am - 11:00am Fruit tasting

11:00am - 02:15pm Lunch class

3:10pm - 4pm Fruit tasting

4:00pm - 7:15pm Dinner class


What we offer:

- Nice rooftop terrace

- Open air environment, but sheltered

- Classes in English, Spanish, German, and French

- Fresh ingredients

- Recipes in electronic form

- Additional information on your meals:

. origin of the dishes

. plating and food presentation

. how to replace certain products

. in your home country

Si quieres enviar alguna consulta sobre este programa puedes hacerla desde AQUI
Av. 28 de julio 674, Miraflores Lima 18 - Peru
Telf: (51 - 1) 625-4444 Fax: (51 - 1) 625-4455

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